• Mach4 Control Software

  • Made With CNC Mach4 Plugin

  • 1 free USB Port


If you have multiple devices that need to connect via USB, please use a powered USB hub.

Default Functionality

Override Knobs

  • Feed
    • This controls the speed when executing feed rate moves with a range of 0% - 200%.

  • Speed
    • This controls the RPM of the spindle motor with a range of 0% - 200%.

  • Velocity
    • This controls the maximum speed when executing any axis movement with a range of range 0% - 100%.


  • Start
    • This button will execute a Cycle Start command and is used to start a gcode program or resume a gcode program that has been paused with the Hold button.

  • Hold
    • This button will execute a Feed Hold command and is used to pause a running program.

  • Stop
    • This button will execute a Stop command and is used to stop a running program.

  • Aux
    • This button will execute a Coolant Toggle command and is used to turn on or off your coolant system.


  • Encoder Wheel
    • The wheel has 100 detents per revolution and will affect 1 jog step per detent for the selected axis and increment.

  • Axis Selection
    • Linear Axes
      • X

      • Y

      • Z

    • Rotary Axis
      • R1 (A Axis)

      • R2 (B Axis)

  • Increments

    The increments work as a divisor to the base increment.

    • X1 = \(base\)

    • X10 = \([\frac{base}{10}]\)

    • X100 = \([\frac{base}{100}]\)

  • Base Increments
    • Imperial - 0.01 inches

    • Metric - 1mm


The buttons are highly configurable within the plugin settings. See Console Configuration for more information on configuring the behavior of your hand-held console.

Initial Setup


The hand-held console needs to be connected to usb before loading the Mach4 control software.

Deploying and enabling the plugin

  1. Copy the 2 plugin files madewithcnc.m4pw and madewithcnc.sig

  2. Paste them into the Mach4 plugin directory.

  3. Start the Mach4 control software.

  4. Click the Configure menu at the top of the screen, then Control then Plugins

  5. Click the Red X next to Made With CNC Pendant to enable the plugin, turning the icon into a green check mark.

  6. Click Ok

  7. Restart Mach4

Console Configuration

The default behavior all 4 buttons can be customized to perform a number of functions, including executing custom gcode.

Opening the configuration dialog

  1. Click the Configure menu at the top of the screen, then Plugins then Made With CNC Pendant

That will open the configuration dialog.

Mach4 configuration dialog

Mach4 configuration dialog.

Available Button Options

  • No Function


  • Cycle Stop

  • Cycle Start

  • Feed Hold

  • Coolant Toggle

  • Rewind File

  • Toggle Single Block

  • Toggle Block Delete

  • Spindle CW Toggle

  • Spindle CCW Toggle

  • User G code 1

  • User G code 2

  • User G code 3

  • User G code 4


You can edit the User G code 1-4 on the G Code tab of the configuration dialog.